Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Totally Terrific Tree Tuesday~

Bring on the trees!!  Great finds that leave you extra in your wallet!!

                               Itty Bitty's from Trader Joe's
                                             under $3

The grand ol' trick of going to Home Depot and asking for the
Christmas Tree scrap branches

 Now this I love~  
if you know me~ then you understand that I am true blue to Target (pronounced Tar~jay)
Don't bother trying to sway me~even the bestest of friends have given up!

Anyway!  They have these super cute little trees which are perfect for the kids bedrooms!

                                    Black Christmas Tree......$8

Four pack of these glitter snowflakes

Penguin Ornament

2 pack of glitter Reindeer

Take all of the above information and transfer it to the Silver Tree

And a little magic~

Loving all my feathers this Christmas!!
Tree Topper....

So~ now I have to go back to Target
The young man of the house said he wouldn't mind a Blue Christmas Tree in his room......as long as it had gold or yellow ornaments....to represent
The San Diego Chargers!!

Go Bolts!!

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