Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Heart~

                                                                  My Heart.

                     I have such an open heart.

                                    Sky made Lovely Heart

         The people I love are absolutely selected.

                  Just as I have been selected .

                We never have it figured out~

                And there is NOTHING                                                                                                                   harder than navigating youth.......



Love runs deep....

                     Especially with children......
               Teenagers.....they are still children.

                    And we are still the "elders"....
                                 who are

                             I love YOU!
                        (and YOU know who you are)


Urban Barn Street Fair

                               Let's see~

             Between Baseball, LaCrosse
                  and a three year old....

              Maybe I can squeeze this in

urban barn street fair

It's the Urban Barn Street Fair
Friday and Saturday

Going to put on my vintage Fryes

And keep my fingers crossed that
I'll get there!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Gotta Feeling~


                         I got A feeling.....
                    and it was RIGHT ON!

              These things Always come to me......

                    I am on a direct mission...


                            for my daughter....
                    (who is growing up lightening fast) 
(My Meggie and her bff Ryls)

                                Well now~
                 Trends change like underwear~
              Necessary, daily and sometimes quick! 
 So......a shoppers deal for your teen is an absolute!
(Yes, they found a deal, see it???)
    dear friend Marshall's always              
                            comes through.
                               (at least for me)
Step aside.......

I laid eyes on this baby and was obsessed......for an enitre NIGHT!!!

I woke up thinking about it and called the store (before opening of course....I'm crazy like that)
It was still there!!!   Hold that bad boy for me.....I'm coming to pick it up!!!

Black with a White Marble Top!!
Are you kidding me?????

I am ALL over this~

Marshall's ROCKS!

Not only did I get an insane, kitchen~life changing piece.....that goes with my other black vintage piece

I got a bra, curling iron and a candle.

That's right.  Oh yayah~                                                                                                                                                                       

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pretty in Pink~

                         I AM A SUCKAH~

(these are faux gerbers that my daughter and I made into pen tops...
makes your desk look real purdy)

Been seeing A Lot of Pink Lately~
And here I go~

Pink Roses~
Next to~

This Awesome book my son gave me for Christmas!

Loooovee it!

And Check This!

Please notice the disco lighting that
the crystal ball reflects~
(move over Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer)
With a hot pink candle on top!

Pink Bromeliad Rockin' this spot~

And thank you Cynthia Rowley for the Pink Candle~

These are the Pink glasses I got for baby Juliette's Valentine~

~Loving the pink~

But of course~
Neutrals are still in da' house

I just moved them around.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


                    Tonight I am going to bed......

Gwyneth Coleen Photography
       ..........with these things running through    my mind

luxe stay

rates to go

Maybe it's all the Cold Medication~

              But I'm thinkin' that Mommy 
                     needs a get~away.........
Journey Pod

BoGo Boo



Spa Finder

Grove Park Inn

Night~ Night!
Hotel Terra

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kids Share.....A lot~

When you share lots of love and kisses~

Parent Magazine

This is what you get in return~

Valentines Weekend looks like this~



                                                 With a side of this~


                       Ahhhhh yes...


                                 Careful what 
             you share this Valentine's Day!!!

                                  Jus' sayin!!!