Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haute Holiday Design ~Paper Whites

I am pretty much over Halloween already~I know it hasn't officially "happened".......but if you recall.....I was the first crazy lady with my Halloween decor adorning my home~indoors and OUT!!  So hurry up Halloween....I'm done with you and ready to get on to the next one~ ok~ who am I kidding~ I am really dying for Christmas!!

Which brings me to this post~

Yummy, yummy Paper Whites~

My girlfriend Mary Ann gives out paper whites every year.  Funny, her last name is White~hhmm.  Anyway~
it such a nice thing to receive.  You can ALWAYS find a spot for them, they leave the perfect amount of fragrance throughout your home, and when they are done entertaining YOU~

Bonus~you get to keep the pot!! 

~The gift that keeps on giving~

And......totally hooks you up in the wallet department.  You can buy simple terracota pots for next to nothin', dirt is cheap, and a bag of bulbs can take care of 10 of your friends!!  BEFORE Christmas! 

Depending on what type of ooommmph you want to put into it~ you can give the pot, dirt and bulb as a group, or you can plant it, or you can wait till they start to sprout to deliver!  

Thank you~oh so flexible bulbs!

Freedom to move on to more important decorating!!

And of course there is always Amaryllis~

But I like my Mary Ann Paper Whites~

Those are the Best!!


(some photo credits~ Tania, Sfgirlbybay, Rufis Wari)

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