Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HOTCHA~ Naked?

Well, well, well.......if there isn't another fabulous item to share~

Today's venture takes us on a smooth hot ride to food~ I have to admit this is not a "new" find for me~but if I can make it YOUR new find than hal-a-salsa-lu-yah!!

Notice how smoooooth it is? 

 Let me tell you why~

There was a girl named Kelly Golden~
(who happens to be one of my besties!)

Who didn't care for chunky salsa~or the grim selection of quality salsa out there in the world.
So.....she decided to make her own.

And~ the people loved it.
Not only the product.......but the name


And the tag line.....

Don't let your chips go naked!
(It's ok...we all smile and giggle)

She started off as a princess with an idea~ that turned into a process~ that turned into a reality and continues to do so.

And along the way.....she turned into the queen~

The Salsa Queen~

I invite you to try this fabulous product~

Stater Bros.
Bristol Farms
Harvest Ranch Del Mar
And the very first place she placed her heart~  La Costa Farms, California

If you don't have access to this fabulous product due to geography~
visit her website

I promise you will never go anywhere else~
It's THAT hawt!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have met Kelly several times - her personal charm let us to try Hotcha! Now, we will eat nothing else. It's the best.