Friday, April 22, 2011

Talkin' Turquoise~


                 My BFF has a neighbor....
                     whose house I am
                   Dying to get in to!!!! 

                            Of course,  
         after I peeked in her front door ~
                       like a psycho!!

This is my BFF~ Jess

Well, I confessed my stalker like feelings to Jess, and whaddya  know.....SHE went in!!!!!
Which now has started a decorating frenzy......for both of us!!!!  
       (I am scheduled to go in the next time I am up at her house......thank God!!)

Seaspray Vase, Small ovalSeaspray Vase

I don't know which direction I am headed....

But Jess is after the Turquoise!  
So, being the good friend that I am.....I am now on the hunt for haute turquoise for her (ok....I like it too!)

Love Child Boutique....Taryn's Vase
Remember this vase from my Love Child post?
Loooove it!

Native American Treasure Chest Bowl

Inspire Bohemia Blogspot

Jess....check out those lamps!!

Third Avenue Style

Wedding Bee

Odi Et Amo

Giannetti Home Design

                   Again.....lamp alert!!  
                  With that lime green~

Eclectic Revisted

Amy Bird Tweets
Kelly Design


Creative Concepts

And Jess....
can you put this pool in your backyard? 
To match all the turquoise indoors...of course~

I'll be right over!!

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