Monday, November 8, 2010


Ahhhhh yes~

And once again......a local venue!  I am starting to see a pattern here.....maybe I am growing into a "Locals" blogger~

Just Maybe.....THIS... is what I am supposed to be!!!
 Or not~

So let's get rollin'~into the hills of San Elijo....or as the residents call it....San Elijo Hills.
Seriously though,  I am not going to indulge in the details of this enclave tucked in the south east hills of San Marcos can google it and get MORE information than you really need to know!!
But ~ I am going to indulge in sharing  a certain resident by the name of Mary Maloney.....who quite possibly should be Mayor of this little town ~ hell.....she may already be and I just don't know it!

 It is another great story of a woman with a dream.....who put it into action...... and made it HAPPEN...when she founded
                                                                Hometown Realty.

Mary Maloney~on the right (cute black tube top)

So~in her killer real estate office~she hosted a Fashionista evening~

Come on in~

With clothes...

And wine......

And lots o' peeps~

But my ABSOLUTE the decor' of this place~
I'll take one of these please~

along with this~

And uhhhmmm Mary~
U may have to file a missing lamps report for this....but I don't have ANY clue who may have taken it....
IF it went missing~

There were also the hints of inspiration~

and gratitude~

And aren't these the things that make up a great recipe for success?

Kudos to you Mary Maloney and your fabulous team at Hometown Realty~

I think the name says it all!!


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