Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Child~ (no it's not what you think!!)

Good Saturday Mornin'!  Can not believe it has been a week since I shared my nonsense with all of you!!  Busy busy busy!  But I did manage to come across ANOTHER fabulous hawt find!  Get ready~

Can you stand it????

So~I stumbled upon this fabulous chic children's re-sale boutique~
Loooooovvvvee it!!  So, my stalker self returned a week in announce that I wanted to blog it~

This is Taryn Dodd who is one of the owners~ super cute, chic and sweet.....which fits the feeling of the store.
She and her partner, Jenn Wilson, just recently opened this haven.  Taryn is mom of 2 boys and Jenn is a mom of 4!  So..between them there is no lack of experience!!  Great taste also plays a part in this cottage/anthropologie style boutique.   

Fabulosity ~

How stinkin' cute is this??  And the door is from Urban Barn!!

Gotta get your baby legs on~

Send your munchkins into this heavenly play area~

and tell them that mommy will be right over here......

uhhhmmm~can some one say Shoes?'s next weekend~

Now~check this out~
Earth Friendly~Unique~Local Items~
It doesn't get any hawter than this

I'm tellin' ya~

You can check them out ~
FaceBook~ Love Child Children's Resale Boutique

Get trike  if you have to

I mean seriously???  Liberace ain't got nothin' on this~

I hope you enjoyed this find~and go experience it for yourself!!!  
If you're lucky enough to live here~
1002 North Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA
It's a great Saturday place

When your done shopping~walk across the lot to ~
Le Papagayo
Oh.....hold up......that's a WHOLE nother blog!!!

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Laura said...

Thanks for you post on Love Child. I'm Taryn's Aunt Laura and I'm so proud of her and her shop!