Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh So Thankful~

Amongst the many things that I am thankful for......
This Thanksgiving Eve....I Am Thankful For

                                                        TRADER JOES

      This truffle mousse pate is Off The Hook~
      They only carry it seasonally....probably because I corner the market and purchase all of it!

Fabulous Haricot Vert~Fine French Green Beans
Imported From France

Put together with this~

This is soooo not your Grandma's Green Bean Casserole!

And some side stuff~
You can't do why bother!

And don't forget all your herbs~
Not stuck in a bag~these baby's are Fuh~resh!

And NOW~
To the most important......
Ok....maybe not the MOST important....
But pretty darn close~

Russian River Valley~ nothing better~

Then top it off with some flowers~

they even have itty bitty christmas trees with glitter!!! 
LOVE Trader's!

So now.....all I have to the little stuff!!
Like decorate~
I love my wreath!

Thank you Trader Joe's
You Rock!


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