Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wheat Grass~Who Knew!

                                                 Wheat Grass

               I saw these in the produce 
          department and got a wonderful idea!

        Instead of flowers~line these puppies up!

         At $1.99 each, that's only $6 for a 
              fabulous arrangement~

                    Put some candles in between~
              On top of some good ol' burlap

                                And voila!
                             I'm practicing my French

                                          It's kinda fun cuz the grass keeps growing~

I'm liking this~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



                  is true~ 

                  We are going to France

             And I received the sweetest gift~ 

                    (a book to study before the trip)

                        Zi  Frenchman himself~

                               ~ Vincent ~

I am sooo excited~

                   The food, the family~                        

                 We are going to Paris~ 

                            (And wait till I tell ya about London!!
                               You have NO idea~)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I likey~

I finally have had a moment.
To do what I like to do......

And let me tell ya.....I missed a week and am SOOO far behind!

My first glimpse of Envy~

I love this!
Her name is Bee

And her style
Is da' bomb diggity

I don't consider myself to be a Copy Catter~

I likey!


Absolute Envy.....

I am on the hunt for the Michael Kors
over sized
runway watch!
(on sale of course!)


It's an absolute~