Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haute Holiday Design ~Paper Whites

I am pretty much over Halloween already~I know it hasn't officially "happened".......but if you recall.....I was the first crazy lady with my Halloween decor adorning my home~indoors and OUT!!  So hurry up Halloween....I'm done with you and ready to get on to the next one~ ok~ who am I kidding~ I am really dying for Christmas!!

Which brings me to this post~

Yummy, yummy Paper Whites~

My girlfriend Mary Ann gives out paper whites every year.  Funny, her last name is White~hhmm.  Anyway~
it such a nice thing to receive.  You can ALWAYS find a spot for them, they leave the perfect amount of fragrance throughout your home, and when they are done entertaining YOU~

Bonus~you get to keep the pot!! 

~The gift that keeps on giving~

And......totally hooks you up in the wallet department.  You can buy simple terracota pots for next to nothin', dirt is cheap, and a bag of bulbs can take care of 10 of your friends!!  BEFORE Christmas! 

Depending on what type of ooommmph you want to put into it~ you can give the pot, dirt and bulb as a group, or you can plant it, or you can wait till they start to sprout to deliver!  

Thank you~oh so flexible bulbs!

Freedom to move on to more important decorating!!

And of course there is always Amaryllis~

But I like my Mary Ann Paper Whites~

Those are the Best!!


(some photo credits~ Tania, Sfgirlbybay, Rufis Wari)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HOTCHA~ Naked?

Well, well, well.......if there isn't another fabulous item to share~

Today's venture takes us on a smooth hot ride to food~ I have to admit this is not a "new" find for me~but if I can make it YOUR new find than hal-a-salsa-lu-yah!!

Notice how smoooooth it is? 

 Let me tell you why~

There was a girl named Kelly Golden~
(who happens to be one of my besties!)

Who didn't care for chunky salsa~or the grim selection of quality salsa out there in the world.
So.....she decided to make her own.

And~ the people loved it.
Not only the product.......but the name


And the tag line.....

Don't let your chips go naked!
(It's ok...we all smile and giggle)

She started off as a princess with an idea~ that turned into a process~ that turned into a reality and continues to do so.

And along the way.....she turned into the queen~

The Salsa Queen~

I invite you to try this fabulous product~

Stater Bros.
Bristol Farms
Harvest Ranch Del Mar
And the very first place she placed her heart~  La Costa Farms, California

If you don't have access to this fabulous product due to geography~
visit her website

I promise you will never go anywhere else~
It's THAT hawt!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Child~ (no it's not what you think!!)

Good Saturday Mornin'!  Can not believe it has been a week since I shared my nonsense with all of you!!  Busy busy busy!  But I did manage to come across ANOTHER fabulous hawt find!  Get ready~

Can you stand it????

So~I stumbled upon this fabulous chic children's re-sale boutique~
Loooooovvvvee it!!  So, my stalker self returned a week in announce that I wanted to blog it~

This is Taryn Dodd who is one of the owners~ super cute, chic and sweet.....which fits the feeling of the store.
She and her partner, Jenn Wilson, just recently opened this haven.  Taryn is mom of 2 boys and Jenn is a mom of 4!  So..between them there is no lack of experience!!  Great taste also plays a part in this cottage/anthropologie style boutique.   

Fabulosity ~

How stinkin' cute is this??  And the door is from Urban Barn!!

Gotta get your baby legs on~

Send your munchkins into this heavenly play area~

and tell them that mommy will be right over here......

uhhhmmm~can some one say Shoes?'s next weekend~

Now~check this out~
Earth Friendly~Unique~Local Items~
It doesn't get any hawter than this

I'm tellin' ya~

You can check them out ~
FaceBook~ Love Child Children's Resale Boutique

Get trike  if you have to

I mean seriously???  Liberace ain't got nothin' on this~

I hope you enjoyed this find~and go experience it for yourself!!!  
If you're lucky enough to live here~
1002 North Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA
It's a great Saturday place

When your done shopping~walk across the lot to ~
Le Papagayo
Oh.....hold up......that's a WHOLE nother blog!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday morning~hautness

Stretch, open....blink...blink...blink (takes me a minute to be able to see, age~whatever!)  Roll over...hhhmmmm~I think I am liking the grey hue illuminating my room~

Good day for this~

and these......


To walk on this~

To go and get~

Along with~

Meet me at St. Tropez~

No seriously....

St. Tropez located in  the Lumberyard in Encinitas is Awesome!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

H to the O T! Mushroom Ravioli with a Brown Butter Sage Sauce

I don't know what the weather is all about where you live....but here....can you say Coastal Eddie?   So. Cal is having weather...yipppeee...and this type of weather is the perfect time (and excuse) to eat foods like this!   Bikini said what?
So...I had this amazing Ravioli at a restaurant in Santa Barbara many years ago....I can't remember the name of the place...but the food never left my memory!  Soooo~I was looking for a recipe to re-create the food~gasm that I had once experienced.  FOUND IT!  The food .....made my dreams come true!  I, having three children and not enough time,  purchased mushroom ravioli in the deli case at the grocery store.  Call it cheating or whatever you want....I call it Genius!  I did make the sauce, and Ohh Em the hook!!  My kids loved it too!

Oh yah baby!

If you have mushroom issues~there is always cheese and spinach

Along with this meal are the must have side kicks! A rustic artisan bread... crispy/crunchy and uneven on the outside....and full of holes on the inside

Not one, not two.....but Three~I loooove this bread


And of course a salad....I love baby romaine and my Nana's salad dressing.....which I will's kinda top secret....

Baby Romaine....soooo cute!

Nana's Dressing

Good Olive Oil
White Wine Vinegar
Lots of fresh cracked black pepper
Fresh garlic
Splash of cold water

So.....I make this basically with my eyes closed so I am sorry not to give you exact measurements. But...I press about 2-3 cloves of garlic (u can chop finely if you'd prefer).  Then I add the olive oil then about 5 to 6 shakes of vinegar.  I add the pepper.....just keep crankin' it till you have a good amount.  Then 6-8 shakes of the Beaumond.  Then add a splash of water and whisk away with a fork.  I like to make it early and stick in the fridge so it's cold when you pour it on top of your baby romaine.  And of course.......fresh parmesan...not the stuff in the green paper container......come now~

You are welcome for tonights dining experience.....I promise you won't regret it!!  Go to and type in Mushroom ravioli with brown butter sage......and then call me over for dinner!!!