Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guilty Pleasure~

So~ I am going to divulge my latest haute find~

 let me lure you in~

This is how I became hooked~

Not to give away any clues of my age...but 

Remember Blue Lagoon?

But instead of Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkin~
These are the characters 
of this true intriguing story.
Please allow me to introduce you to~
Alex and Taru......

I mean seriously?
Every time I have sailed....
I think it's pretty safe to say......I didn't look like this!!
These two are the stuff romance novels are built upon.

Let us continue~
Taru puts Martha Stewart to shame.

Photographs like Henri Cartier-Bresson~

And enjoys her wine~
(I think we would be fabulous friends haha!)

All while sailing the globe ~

This is a MUST read! 
 It pairs famously with a cup of coffee in the morning
And a glass of wine in the evening.
I have been traveling everyday
And I Love It!
This is Haute Hot' sho'!


(all of these photos are from their blog)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about Taru the multitalented unusual beauty sailing around the world. her writing superb, her photos potentially prizewinners, the adventure enviable and admirable, and better than any reality is real and living upon the sea. It took a handsome man and sailing to allow this world class beauty to shed the bonds of life on land leave the shallowness of the 'real' world to take to the sea. And so to be able to actually live free with the constant touch of the natural world upon her soul.

Kudos to this couple and smooth sailing as they cross the pond east to west to seek the palms of Caribbean paradise.
This trip carries us all along with a bit of envy, as we watch these intrepid sailors do that which we all secretly aspire to doing on the great ocean waters of our beautiful blue planet.