Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Itch~ it may be contagious!!!

I know I am not the ONLY one pushing Thanksgiving.... really hard........out of the way~
I am not completely ignoring the Pilgrims and our May Flower ancestors~  because, actually~ I am a daughter of the Mayflower.......something I am aware of,  but haven't quite fully researched......ANOTHER thing to do on my list!

                               the front door

Leopard baby~

      But hark~
      I still have these sur la table~
      Pumpkins that Represent.....
     this phase of Holiday~

                   Pumpkins~ daaahhhling~ White pumpkins~ but of course!

Seriously though~
 Let's get to the real agenda~

Winter Wonderland~
 In da house!


Isn't he cute?

Crystal and Silver~ is there anything better?

I smell Champagne~

But pause for a moment....
Holidays can be soooo overloaded.
Keep it simple
Keep it about what YOU cherish~
Keep it important.

Wisps of Christmas~

A cozy Thanksgiving on the horizon~
Food, Family, Gratitude
I am looking forward to that~


(Jacob Lacey Photography~Veuve Clicquot~
nobody does it better!)


Anonymous said...

LOL Kathy! You're the best! Love how it's already snowing in da' hood! Happy happy holidays to you (all of them). Ha! We will get together for some champagne and celebrate. Cheers ~ ! Nancy

Anonymous said...

Kat, I have LOVED reading your Blogs. Gets me inspired to follow through with MY business ideas. You have to come visit and shop with me. going to Tongerin Belgium next weekend then Metz France... (or the Paris market) You would be in HEAVEN.
Come on girl!!!!! Miss and love you MUCH!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the Decorations & the Christmas music is so festive : ) do you know any good Christmas cocktails ? Xoxox Jess