Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Totally Terrific Tree Tuesday~

Bring on the trees!!  Great finds that leave you extra in your wallet!!

                               Itty Bitty's from Trader Joe's
                                             under $3

The grand ol' trick of going to Home Depot and asking for the
Christmas Tree scrap branches

 Now this I love~  
if you know me~ then you understand that I am true blue to Target (pronounced Tar~jay)
Don't bother trying to sway me~even the bestest of friends have given up!

Anyway!  They have these super cute little trees which are perfect for the kids bedrooms!

                                    Black Christmas Tree......$8

Four pack of these glitter snowflakes

Penguin Ornament

2 pack of glitter Reindeer

Take all of the above information and transfer it to the Silver Tree

And a little magic~

Loving all my feathers this Christmas!!
Tree Topper....

So~ now I have to go back to Target
The young man of the house said he wouldn't mind a Blue Christmas Tree in his room......as long as it had gold or yellow ornaments....to represent
The San Diego Chargers!!

Go Bolts!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh So Thankful~

Amongst the many things that I am thankful for......
This Thanksgiving Eve....I Am Thankful For

                                                        TRADER JOES

      This truffle mousse pate is Off The Hook~
      They only carry it seasonally....probably because I corner the market and purchase all of it!

Fabulous Haricot Vert~Fine French Green Beans
Imported From France

Put together with this~

This is soooo not your Grandma's Green Bean Casserole!

And some side stuff~
You can't do better.....so why bother!

And don't forget all your herbs~
Not stuck in a bag~these baby's are Fuh~resh!

And NOW~
To the most important......
Ok....maybe not the MOST important....
But pretty darn close~

Russian River Valley~ nothing better~

Then top it off with some flowers~

they even have itty bitty christmas trees with glitter!!! 
LOVE Trader's!

So now.....all I have to do....is the little stuff!!
Like decorate~
I love my wreath!

Thank you Trader Joe's
You Rock!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Itch~ it may be contagious!!!

I know I am not the ONLY one pushing Thanksgiving.... really hard........out of the way~
I am not completely ignoring the Pilgrims and our May Flower ancestors~  because, actually~ I am a daughter of the Mayflower.......something I am aware of,  but haven't quite fully researched......ANOTHER thing to do on my list!

                                        Now.....to the front door

Leopard baby~

      But hark~
      I still have these sur la table~
      Pumpkins that Represent.....
     this phase of Holiday~

                   Pumpkins~ daaahhhling~ White pumpkins~ but of course!

Seriously though~
 Let's get to the real agenda~

Winter Wonderland~
 In da house!


Isn't he cute?

Crystal and Silver~ is there anything better?

I smell Champagne~

But pause for a moment....
Holidays can be soooo overloaded.
Keep it simple
Keep it about what YOU cherish~
Keep it important.

Wisps of Christmas~

A cozy Thanksgiving on the horizon~
Food, Family, Gratitude
I am looking forward to that~


(Jacob Lacey Photography~Veuve Clicquot~
nobody does it better!)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Ahhhhh yes~

And once again......a local venue!  I am starting to see a pattern here.....maybe I am growing into a "Locals" blogger~

Just Maybe.....THIS... is what I am supposed to be!!!
 Or not~

So let's get rollin'~into the hills of San Elijo....or as the residents call it....San Elijo Hills.
Seriously though,  I am not going to indulge in the details of this enclave tucked in the south east hills of San Marcos ....you can google it and get MORE information than you really need to know!!
But ~ I am going to indulge in sharing  a certain resident by the name of Mary Maloney.....who quite possibly should be Mayor of this little town ~ hell.....she may already be and I just don't know it!

 It is another great story of a woman with a dream.....who put it into action...... and made it HAPPEN...when she founded
                                                                Hometown Realty.

Mary Maloney~on the right (cute black tube top)

So~in her killer real estate office~she hosted a Fashionista evening~

Come on in~

With clothes...

And wine......

And lots o' peeps~

But my ABSOLUTE favorite....is the decor' of this place~
I'll take one of these please~

along with this~

And uhhhmmm Mary~
U may have to file a missing lamps report for this....but I don't have ANY clue who may have taken it....
IF it went missing~

There were also the hints of inspiration~

and gratitude~

And aren't these the things that make up a great recipe for success?

Kudos to you Mary Maloney and your fabulous team at Hometown Realty~

I think the name says it all!!