Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pretty in Pink~

                         I AM A SUCKAH~

(these are faux gerbers that my daughter and I made into pen tops...
makes your desk look real purdy)

Been seeing A Lot of Pink Lately~
And here I go~

Pink Roses~
Next to~

This Awesome book my son gave me for Christmas!

Loooovee it!

And Check This!

Please notice the disco lighting that
the crystal ball reflects~
(move over Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer)
With a hot pink candle on top!

Pink Bromeliad Rockin' this spot~

And thank you Cynthia Rowley for the Pink Candle~

These are the Pink glasses I got for baby Juliette's Valentine~

~Loving the pink~

But of course~
Neutrals are still in da' house

I just moved them around.


1 comment:

Brittnie said...

I was wondering where did you get that pink candle from Cynthia Rowley? I've been trying to find them but, I had no luck at all.