Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Gotta Feeling~


                         I got A feeling.....
                    and it was RIGHT ON!

              These things Always come to me......

                    I am on a direct mission...


                            for my daughter....
                    (who is growing up lightening fast) 
(My Meggie and her bff Ryls)

                                Well now~
                 Trends change like underwear~
              Necessary, daily and sometimes quick! 
 So......a shoppers deal for your teen is an absolute!
(Yes, they found a deal, see it???)
    dear friend Marshall's always              
                            comes through.
                               (at least for me)
Step aside.......

I laid eyes on this baby and was obsessed......for an enitre NIGHT!!!

I woke up thinking about it and called the store (before opening of course....I'm crazy like that)
It was still there!!!   Hold that bad boy for me.....I'm coming to pick it up!!!

Black with a White Marble Top!!
Are you kidding me?????

I am ALL over this~

Marshall's ROCKS!

Not only did I get an insane, kitchen~life changing piece.....that goes with my other black vintage piece

I got a bra, curling iron and a candle.

That's right.  Oh yayah~                                                                                                                                                                       

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