Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Chicken

Going Craaazy~
Car went in yesterday for scheduled maintenance~
Been stuck at home for a day and a half!

So.......what to do? 
 I have cleaned and cleaned...
  I have eaten and eaten......
   Which brings me to this post~
     I am makin' some Crazy Chicken Chili!!

Working with I had~
I dismantled a Rotisserie Chicken and cubed it
Then took white beans & Canneli Beans
Small can green chiles

(Oh, and Bouillon because I was out of stock)
I sauteed :
4 shallots
   Lots o' garlic
  Green chiles
    Rinsed beans 
(in butter of course!)
Then dumped it into the one and only

~Crock Pot~

Poured about 2 cups water
Smashed up the Boullion
Dash of Cumin
A cup of wine

(unfortunately is was too early in the day to have a "cup" myself!)

 I wait for the call to get my car
Because I really need to get to the store
And pick up some fresh Cilantro

(Gawker's Valleywag)
And some yummy bread~
Rustikales Brot nach Hamelman
(Mellow Bakers)
                         or maybe some
                          Corn Bread

                                      (Google image)
                      I gotta get out of this house!!

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