Saturday, January 22, 2011

Forty Three

He was only 43.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer about 4 months ago.  Never smoked.  Was a personal fitness trainer in the most incredible shape.  He exuded health.  He was such a kind soul, in the body of a very handsome shell.  I knew him since high school, and he was always a truly nice, sincere person.  If you look on his social network links, everyone says the same thing.  He was a true man, he remained that way till that cancer came lurking around.  

I am so over Cancer!!  I hate Cancer.

This is the second person I personally know in the past eight months  that has been over taken with this insipid disease.  John Hannon to Lung Cancer and Drew Somers to Melanoma.  Both great men.  Truly a loss to us here on earth.

I don't know who invented cancer....why cancer exists....why it plants itself on each individual in a different arena...why it is so damn sneaky making one have to "catch" it before it "catches" you.

I don't like it....I want it fixed. 

I know that we all are touched by someone who has cancer, I am thankful for the friends that I have who have survived it.  I still hate it though, because it killed two really fine people.....

That I know.

I guess we keep plugging along~walking for the cure~spinning for the cure~playing golf for a cure~whatever we can do to promote the finances to allow those amazing scientists to find that CURE.  

Rest in Peace John Hannon.  I know your family and friends are really going to miss you.


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