Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Art of Lounging~

 I recently came across the most AMAZING, softest, coziest sweatpants I have ever slid my derriere into~

I mean~ I understand these are by no means a "new" thing.  


                       I had just not tried them on for myself~ 

Seeing as I always saw them on my Bff's college aged (model perfect) daughter, Chelsey~

                                        ( This is Chelsey...see what I mean!)
                                                                                                                                 Jacob Lacey Photography

                                    Not that I am old~
                             Or a mom of teens & a toddler
                                      I mean come now.....

                              On a side note tho'~
                  Have you seen the ad for pajama jeans?  
                                I am sorry....but  


                           Back to my new fav sweats~

I tried on the Victoria's Secret boyfriend lounge pants.....

AND BACK THE blankity blank UP!!  Softest, coziest things ever!!  Does my ass look like the college aged beauty that I've seen these on???  Hellz no!!! .....but do I care???   Uhhhmm.... not really~because~

                       I have found the perfect Sweats!!! 

Victoria's Secret~

                                                                                                                                  ( image metal ballerina)

                   Which are to be worn in the comfort
                                     of my own home.....

                                  Not out on the town...

                  (That's what my faux fur jackets are for!!)

I bought these bad boys in brown, purple AND white!!!
Can't have too much of a good thing!
I did get lucky....they were all marked down

          This really encouraged me to get my Lounge on~
                                         Which I believe we should all do periodically  

                       Especially after the holidays.....
             I don't believe I had sat down since October!

                             So~ burn your favorite candle

(Google image)

I know there are a ton of new candles on the market...
But I still love Trapp.
Wild Currant
Sexy Cinnamon

Get your flowers arranged~

Put your sweats on~


(image pink of perfection)

oh yeah~ and don't forget your music!


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