Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Haute Find~

La Maison Rustique Urban Barn~ I know....the name gets me excited too!  ANOTHER Haute find!  So.....along my recent travels and research (I love my life) I came across this blog...which in turn wasn't another was within driving distance!!!  OMG.....I could actually click my heels and GO there!!!  Soooo~ I gathered up two of my favorite people and took them with me.  My two girls.  The older one wasn't as excited as me...seeing as she was grounded and her punishment would be none other than hang out with her mom.....and go shopping Flea Market style!!!!  No better torture for a tween....I LOVE it!  But seriously, I can't wait until the aliens return my sweet girl and she loves to do all the decorating and Flea marketing with me~  As for the little one.....she loves to go ANYWHERE with her mommy....SOOO~off we went to The URBAN BARN!

They are open daily, but have a flea market once a month where even more Fabulosity is brought into the store~looking forward to that!!  Anyway.....I met Dyanna who was there working on her gorgeous cuff bracelets ~and rings~and incredible embelishments for all any creative venue you could imagine!  The place was just brimming with hauteness!   Take a look~

My personal models and sidekicks~

Seriously~Pretty in Pink

                   I am having serious Column issues....
     I want them...
ALL of them!

Uhhhmmm.....yeah.....I bought this one~

And bring on the jewelry

Dyanna's cuffs....Broke Jewels

Crown~cross~vintage....her specialty

See that fat column in the back~scrumpcious!


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