Wednesday, April 6, 2011


                 Here comes Spring~

              And here comes Easter~

            New table scapes await us~

                           Crystal vase
            with robins eggs and a candle

Then some fresh flowers in an iron urn~

                    And there you have it~

                                Notice my little helper~

                  Then onto the kitchen~

"Shhhhhhhh.......the baby birds just hatched"

My three year old will certainly let you know!!

                  Add a couple of bunnies~

            And definitely some Hayacinths~

These make the entire house smell fabulous!
                     And full of Spring

                         Sit back.....and enjoy~

Because Spring also means that bikini season is just around the corner.......

And I'm not quite ready to blog about that!!!

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Mare white said...

Great inspiration for a rainy day!!!