Monday, May 2, 2011

You're Gonna Flip Ur Lid!!!


It's true~

I Got Into The Neighbors House!!!!


Seriously.....Get Ready!
Look who greets you at the door ~ Adorable

Are you still there?
Are you breathing?
.....there is MORE!!

I know...I know~
Are you kidding me???
Wipe up the drool~ we still got a bit to go!

I am sooooo on the hunt for a bench like this!!

She has Three little girls~
No excuses now ladies!!

This is Lazarus

I know~ by now you need a cocktail!!

Let me introduce you to this bomb diggity

This is Michael
and her brother Mitch 
(he was lucky enough to stop by when I was stalking her home)

At the end.....
Lazarus made it obvious~

You may now exit Crazy Lady!!!

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