Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Here...It's Here......

When I was growing up we had an elf that would show up right before Christmas.  

My brother and I would absolutely fuh~reek when we had discovered that he had arrived.  

He was there to "watch" our behavior up until Christmas.  Each time he "flew" to a new location he would get closer to the Christmas tree. Then~on Christmas Eve....he would land on the tree to be picked up by Santa.  Christmas Morning.....he was gone~until next year.

I have carried this tradition on with my kids.....the older ones are now "in" on it and are having so much fun doing it for the little one! !

                                                 I love it!!!!

                   this is the SAME Elf I had as a child.... 
      uhhmm,  I guess he could possibly be vintage at this point!

This is the fun part of family, tradition and Christmas~

And oh yeah~ another one of our Traditions is the Grinch....
Look who I found in our tree!!

Keep your traditions going~
it's so much fun!


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